The Opening Ceremony of the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei in August 2017 ©Getty Images

Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior has honoured the country's medallists in the 2017 Summer Universiade in Chinese Taipei.

Some of the 24 students who attended gave a presentation, while Juliane Bötel, a member of the board of the German University Sports Federation, and secretary general Christoph Fischer reported on the experiences in Taipei and gave an insight into the workings of the 29th Summer Universiade. 

Among those honoured were Nadja Bazynski, of the German University of Applied Sciences,  who received a bronze medal for judo,in the under 63 kilograms category. 

Timo Benitz, from the Technical University of Berlin (TUB), was honoured for a gold medal in 1500 metres.

Neele Eckhardt, of the University of  Göttingen, winner of the triple jump, was also honoured. 

Thomas De Maizière, Minister of the Interior, could not be present because of the negotiations to form a new coalition Government in Bonn following the Federal elections last month. 

He was represented by State Secretary Hans-Georg Engelke.

German Summer Universiade medallists were honoured at the Ministry of the Interior ©FISU
German Summer Universiade medallists were honoured at the Ministry of the Interior ©FISU

"The Universiade with its top athletes ideally represents the concept of dual career," said Engelke. 

"It is impressive how the athletes on the one hand reach the highest level of sporting achievements and at the same time successfully complete their studies."

TUB's Philipp Galandi received a bronze medal for judo in the 100 kg section,  while a silver medal went to Andreas Hofman,  of the University of Heidelberg, in the javelin. 

Also honoured was judoka Jorg Onufriev, of Beuth HS, Berlin, a bronze medallist in the under 60kg. 

Discus gold medallist Kristin Pudenz from the University of Potsdam was another who received an award. 

Potsdam students Maximilian Schubert and Martin Setz  were both congratulated for their bronze judo medals, as was Louisa Stawczynski, Technical University of Dresden, a bronze medal in the 1 metre springboard diving.  

Falk Wendrich of the University of Bochum was a high jump gold medallist and Maike Ziech, of the University of Hagen, was a bronze medallist in the under 78kg judo.