Arab Gulf states have been recommended to play a more active role in sport ©United Arab Emirates NOC

A meeting of the Presidents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) National Olympic Committees (NOC) in Oman resulted in a recommendation for Arab Gulf states to play a more positive and coordinated role in sport events.

The heads of the NOCs in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates attended the three-day meeting hosted by the Oman Olympic Committee (OCC) in Muscat.

Attendees stressed the importance of Gulf states playing a coordinated role in sport events at an Arab, regional and international level. 

In addition, the importance of organising beach games, women's sports and indoor games were highlighted.

A three member team from the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and the general secretariat of the Arab Gulf states was set up to coordinate such events.

Other topics discussed included combating sports harassment and intolerance, infrastructure-related projects and making sports a national priority.

Acting chairman of the OCC, Sheikh Saif bin Hilal Al Hosni, described sport as an
Acting chairman of the OCC, Sheikh Saif bin Hilal Al Hosni, described sport as an "effective tool" in communicating ©Getty Images

A delegation from the Jordanian Olympic Committee were present and expressed an interest in taking part in several Gulf sports events and participating in exchanges of sports delegations, coaches, and physical education experts.

These ideas were endorsed by the Presidents of the GCC.

The meeting had a theme of coordinated and joint action, with the acting chairman of the OCC describing sport as an "effective tool to strengthen the bonds of communication," as reported by the Times of Oman.

"It is a great chance for you to confirm our leaders’ constant emphasis of the importance of sport as a strategic requirement intended to promote and develop the people of the GCC countries and a provide a solid basis for our peoples’ healthy ideas and physical fitness," said Sheikh Saif bin Hilal Al Hosni.

"In addition, this joint work is an effective tool to strengthen the bonds of communication and interaction between people of our countries and the entire world."