Laura Rogora of Italy won gold in the junior women's lead final in Arco ©Getty Images

Laura Rogora scooped gold for Italy as the lead finals concluded at the International Federation of Sport Climbing Youth World Championships in Arco, Italy.

Rogora led the standings after the semi-finals and she delivered the junior women's title at the RockMaster Climbing Stadium.

Nolwen Arc of France finished second after her feet slipped out from under her at 55+.

The bronze medal was awarded to Brooke Raboutou, the American missing a foothold to finish with a 54+.

Hidemasa Nishida of Japan won the men's Youth A division with a highpoint of 51+.

American Colin Duffy claimed silver after slipping off a 49+ as the bronze medal went to Alberto Ginés López on 47+.

Nika Potapova of Ukraine took gold in the women's Youth A division.

Alongside Japan's Natsumi Hirano, she reached 54+ as she pushed to new heights in the category.

Potapova took gold owing to her superior result in the semi-finals.

The bronze medal was won by Luce Douady of France, a long way behind on 42+.

The World Championships continue on Tuesday (August 27) when the bouldering semi-finals for junior men and the women's youth B division are contested.

The speed finals of the junior women as well as the youth A divisions for men and women will take place.