Prince Albert issued the message after recovering from coronavirus ©Peace and Sport

Prince Albert II said he hopes the coronavirus pandemic can encourage people to realise the importance of global unity after recovering from the illness.

The International Olympic Committee member issued the message to mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace today.

The message came days after Prince Albert was confirmed to have recovered from coronavirus.

The Monaco Royal Palace last month confirmed Prince Albert was continuing to work despite testing positive for the virus, with a full recovery confirmed last week.

"Doctors who have followed Prince Albert II since the start of his COVID-19 infection today allow him to end his quarantine period," the Monaco Royal Palace had said.

"The sovereign prince is declared cured and in good health.

"He will soon join his family and continue to observe the period of confinement while remaining in close contact with his Government."

As Patron of Peace and Sport, Prince Albert recorded a video message urging people to show unity through the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 1.2 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide since the outbreak began, resulting in more than 69,000 deaths.

Prince Albert claimed sport could play a role in reinforcing bonds between people, while saying that Peace and Sport's White Card campaign was a message of hope and solidarity.

"We are enduring a major health crisis which is breaking into our hectic daily lives, that can sometimes distance us from the real objectives of our existence," he said.

"Every crisis is also an opportunity.

"We must hope the current global health emergency helps humankind realise the importance of global unity.

"During this confinement period we must envisage the future and choose to travel down a path of worldwide solidarity, dialogue and cooperation.

"The universal and neutral nature of sport is sustaining the collective fight against the epidemic.

"Athletes, sport institutions and civil society organisations are currently bringing hope and courage to communities worried about their future through their charisma and actions.

"The message behind the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace comes into full play in the current context.

"Using sport to protect our planet and reinforce our bonds with each other.

"This is a huge responsibility we have to our children and future generations.

"I welcome Peace and Sport's mobilisation for this day, including the White Card campaign.

"In regular times sport provides a platform for people to come together physically.

"Today, sport and the White Card campaign sends a message of connectivity, hope and solidarity on social networks.

"We must continue to promote the positive values of sport for peace for our benefit today and for a fair world in the future."

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is backed by the United Nations.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will focus on the health benefits of participating in sporting and physical activity, especially in this time of uncertainty and social distancing.

Organisers have asked people to be active, stay healthy and demonstrate solidarity, adding that team spirit will help the world through the current challenges together.