The IESF has welcomed three new members ©IESF

The Bahamas, Kyrgyzstan and Panama have become the latest nations to join the International Esports Federation (IESF).

The IESF, the world's largest governing body of esports, confirmed organisations in the three countries had been accepted for membership.

"E-sport Federation", a public association, will be the member for Kyrgyzstan, joining the Bahamas Esports Federation (BESF) and Nextlvls Esports Federation.

"We at the BESF is proud to become a member of the IESF," the BESF said. 

"The development of esports both locally and internationally is important to us, along with the means to do so. 

"This unified system where we can develop and synergise efforts among the countries is something we are happy to be a part of."

The IESF is the largest governing body for esports ©Getty Images
The IESF is the largest governing body for esports ©Getty Images

E-sport Federation said it was "glad to be part of IESF and we applaud to the partnership signed with AESF. 

"We look forward to many international competitions and networking with our partners."

Nextlvls described becoming an IESF member as an "honour".

"This opportunity is invaluable since we will be able to show our country and the world that our athletes are world-class," the organisation said.

"We will support in everything we can to further improve the Esports industry hand in hand with IESF and all federations."

The IESF is the oldest governing body claiming to have responsibility for esports and has in excess of 60 members.

Its leadership changed this week after Vlad Marinescu was named President to replace Colin Webster, who stepped down from the role.