The IFSC has published a document outlining rule changes during the coronavirus crisis ©IFSC

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) says it has taken the next step towards resuming competitions by publishing a document outlining rules to be used during the coronavirus pandemic.

The document follows two months of consultation with experts and stakeholders, the governing body said.

Developed by the IFSC Climbing During COVID-19 Working Group, the document includes guidelines and rules to be followed at competitions.

It is aimed at ensuring participants in competition areas are aware of the updated protocols that must be observed to ensure safety at all times during IFSC events.

"Building on the World Health Organization recommendations and risk assessment tools, the document identifies sport climbing specific measures to adopt during competitions, including hygiene, social distancing and the use of personal protective devices at every stage of the event and in all competition areas," the IFSC said.

"The Addendum, redacted by the Working Group, has also received substantial contributions from various representatives of different parties of the climbing industry.”

The Climbing Wall Association, the Association of British Climbing Walls, climbing gyms' representatives from all over the world and several national federations are among those to have contributed, the IFSC said.

The IFSC hopes the updated rules will allow for the next step to be taken as the sport aims to resume ©IFSC
The IFSC hopes the updated rules will allow for the next step to be taken as the sport aims to resume ©IFSC 

The document includes an overview of how event organisers, the IFSC and local staff will regularly check and analyse latest guidance and local reports ahead of events.

This would include assessing the risks and transmission routes of COVID-19, steps that event attendees can take to limit its spread, recognised best practices and the travel restrictions adopted by different countries.

Responsibilities for organisers and the IFSC in providing protective equipment are also outlined, as well as the response and decision-making process in the event of positive coronavirus cases.

The IFSC also said events should be confirmed at least 60 days before the first day of competition.

A preparatory online technical meeting to explain COVID-19-related measures will be held by IFSC staff at least 10 days before the first competition day of an event.

Various measures have also been confirmed to ensure social distancing in athletes’ common areas and that these are cleaned with disinfectant.

Changes have been made to podium presentations too.

The rules can be found here.