EASF President Ants Veetõusme has said the organisation hopes to host the World University Weightlifting Championships ©FISU

Estonian Academic Sports Federation (EASF) has expressed an interest in hosting the World University Powerlifting Championships in 2024.

EASF President Ants Veetõusme confirmed the event as of interest to the organisation, as well as hosting the 2022 SELL Games.

The Games a multi-sport event that is open for all university and college students and features athletes from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with the host rotating.

This year’s event was due to take place at Lahti in Finland during May, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Veetõusme told the International University Sports Federation that the pandemic had made it challenging to outline the organisation’s short and long-term goals.

The EASF President confirmed, however, that hosting both the SELL Games and the World University Powerlifting Championships are of interest for the organisation.

"It was still possible to describe both our short-term and long-term goals for the future, two months ago, but now it wouldn’t be a practical thing to do in today’s changed world, because we have to first wait to see what happens," Veetõusme said.

"Both five-year and 10-year plans can no longer be talked about now, because it is necessary to clarify the situation beforehand.

"But our wish is to hold the SELL Games in 2022 and the World University Powerlifting Championships in 2024."

The EASF holds Summer and Winter Games events ©FISU
The EASF holds Summer and Winter Games events ©FISU

"A lot also depends on the state funding," Veetõusme added.

"Which has been cut by more than a third in the last two years.

"This is why so many good ideas remain unfulfilled."

The EASF currently has 11 member universities and oversees the organisation of the YLISPORT Winter Games, Summer Games, and YliBall events.

Over 2,500 students participate in EASF events each year, with the Summer Games considered the largest university sport event in the Baltic with more than 40 different sports featuring.

The programme includes lesser known events such as women's mud wrestling, blind volleyball, plush-football, dodgeball, basketball free throws, and fun relay races.