Vuelta a España has announced footwear company Paredes Seguridad as its official face mask provider ©Vuelta a España

Staff at Vuelta a España are set to wear protective footwear and face masks made by Paredes Seguridad in a bid to safeguard them from possible COVID-19 infection during this year’s race.

Vuelta a España has announced an agreement has been signed for footwear company Paredes Seguridad to become the official provider of FFP2 masks for the race, scheduled to run from October 20 to November 8.

According to organisers, Paredes Seguridad's masks feature double protection and five layers "instead of the usual three or four" and contain filters and "special layers" that "multiply their protection level".

Organisers added the Jerez footwear made by Paredes Seguridad would protect staff from "possible occupational risks" thanks to its "protective toecap", "anti-puncture insole" and "special non-slip sole".

This year's Vuelta a España is scheduled to take place from October 20 to November 8 ©Getty Images
This year's Vuelta a España is scheduled to take place from October 20 to November 8 ©Getty Images

"It transforms us and prepares us to meet and surpass all our goals," Paredes Seguridad manager Rafael Paredes said.

"It is a value that is ever-present in our team and in all the people that never give up, who fight and who dedicate themselves passionately to the path they’ve chosen.

"For this reason, we identify with cycling as we know we share those same values.

"We are very proud to be able to collaborate in the protection of La Vuelta’s employees during this very special year."

Javier Guillén, general director of event organisers Unipublic, added: "We are going to have an unpredictable edition in many respects.

"For us, to have the certitude of working with a leading company when it comes to protecting our employees is both an obligation and a reassurance. 

"We are thrilled and comforted by this agreement."