The GEF revealed its events portfolio during a recent online meeting ©GEF

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has revealed plans to hold a Global Esports Games annually from next December.

The GEF, which launched in December 2019, said the event would be "the flagship competitive esports event contested by athletes and players from Member Federations".

It appears the competition would be the GEF's equivalent of an Esports World Championship and could see the organisation rival the International Esports Federation (IESF)'s own event.

The IESF, formed in 2008, has held a World Championship every year since 2009.

The GEF also said it would establish a World Esports Tour, which it claims will be "a professional-level esports tournament held across the year in geographically diverse leading and emerging cities".

A "#worldconnected Series", including the General Assembly and a conference involving its members, is set to be held by the GEF from December 17 to 19 after the body announced its portfolio of events.

The GEF is also set to launch its own professional esports tour ©Getty Images
The GEF is also set to launch its own professional esports tour ©Getty Images

"The announcement of the GEF's events portfolio further demonstrates our commitment to the world’s esports community," said GEF vice-president and Canadian Olympic 4x400 metres silver medallist Charmaine Crooks.

"Working with the world's best publishers, our yearly calendar of events creates powerful hosting opportunities for our diverse membership, and seeks to uplift the lives of many through our #worldconnected initiatives."

The GEF has also added three game publishers - SEGA, Konami and Capcom - as members.

The three Japanese companies will form part of the newly-established GEF Publishers and Developers Advisory Council (PDAC).

"Nine months ago, the Global Esports Federation was established with a collective ambition to convene the world’s esports community," said GEF President Chris Chan.

"Our mission is to bring together the diverse stakeholders on one, global, inclusive platform.

"As we have grown, we have continued to listen and adapt. 

"We acknowledge the fundamental importance of the world’s publishers and developers, and welcome Capcom, Konami and Sega as members of the GEF and the PDAC. 

"We look forward to continuing the GEF’s initiatives for the development of esports and setting the path for an even brighter future, together."