The British Esports Association has partnered with the Coalition of Parents in Esports ©BEA

The British Esports Association has partnered with the Coalition of Parents in Esports (COPE) to spread awareness of esports and promote education on the discipline.

COPE was set up by David Herzog, the father of Fortnite professional "Crimz", and Shae Williams, the mother of "Duster", a content creator for esports organisation Vanish.

It offers advice on player contracts, tax on prize winnings, practice regimes, player well-being and educational and career opportunities.

COPE was set up when Williams and Herzog realised there were countless other parents conducting research into esports, so offers a chance for parents to pool knowledge and experiences.

The parents also intend to erase negative stigmas attached to competitive gaming and encourage the career opportunities presented to young people by esports.

"Like any sport, parental involvement is key to success," said COPE co-founder and former IBM executive Williams.

"We want to encourage parents to get more involved in understanding their child's passion and helping them get the most out of their esports experiences."

Anne Fish, mother of British Fortnite player "Benjyfishy", and Johnny Troset Andersen, the father of 100 Thieves member "MrSavage", are among the other parents now involved in COPE.

The British Esports Association says it will work with COPE to produce and promote streams and interviews with the parents of esports professionals.

It will also connect parents seeking guidance with COPE.

"COPE has done a lot of good work in a short amount of time and we're delighted to be partnering with them, to help spread the message of esports," said Tom Dore, head of education at the British Esports Association.

"We look forward to continuing to educate other parents and up-and-coming esports talent around the world, to help them make a successful career in esports and reap the rewards."