Women's Para Hockey of Canada is running a virtual camp for grassroots players ©IPC

Women’s Para Hockey of Canada is hosting a three-day grassroots virtual camp starting today for girls and women across Canada who are interested in taking up the sport.

More than 55 participants are due to take part in the camp and have received free supply kits with everything they will need to fully engage in player-development sessions, including sticks, picks, pucks, golf balls, tennis balls, jerseys and water bottles.

The virtual sessions are being led by members of Canada’s national women’s Para ice hockey team and participants have been split into junior and intermediate levels.

These sessions feature topics such as stickhandling, equipment maintenance, mental-skills training, fitness and performance and fireside chats with national team members.

French translation is being made available for all sessions, and tomorrow’s Hot Stove Session will be live streamed on the programme’s Facebook page for the public to watch.

Participants are being encouraged to share their experiences of the virtual camp on social media using the "#ParaIceHockey" and "#HockeyIsHers" hashtags.

This is seen as another major step in developing Women’s Para Hockey of Canada, which began in 2006 with just a handful of volunteers.

The programme now has almost 150 registered participants across the country and holds more than 15 events per year, attracting major donors and sponsors.