The Indonesian Teqball Federation's tree-planting mission was among the activities highlighted by the world governing body ©Getty Images

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has called on the sport's community to prioritise sustainable development and advocate for addressing the climate crisis.

Gergely Murányi, FITEQ's head of diplomatic relations and corporate social responsibility, said the organisation "recognises its obligation to use its platform to build awareness of climate change".

FITEQ marked Earth Day yesterday by highlighting eco-friendly initiatives carried out by members.

It also referenced its first-ever handbook on sustainable development, which was published last month.

"Earth Day is an important annual reminder of the collective duty of the sports industry to promote the critical need for climate action," Murányi said.

"However, we cannot afford to just speak out once, or several, times a year when these milestones come round, instead we need to be active 365 days a year and communicate through meaningful initiatives. 

"As a sports organisation with a global reach, FITEQ recognises its obligation to use its platform to build awareness of climate change and communicate clear and simple steps that can make a real difference.

"We have channelled our thoughts into the FITEQ Sustainable Development Handbook, which we believe will enhance the existing activities of the teqball family. 

"Today is a timely reminder that we have no time to waste and we must all act now. 

"In the collective journey towards a more sustainable future, FITEQ will be with all of its stakeholders every step of the way."