Australian Taekwondo has begun national roadshows as COVID-19 restrictions across the country ease ©AUSTKD

Australian Taekwondo chief executive Heather Garriock has commenced a national roadshow, meeting affiliated clubs across the country as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

More than 35 club owners participated in the first session in Sydney, and Garriock will now host further sessions around Australia with travel between states now allowed.

"Australian Taekwondo has undergone significant change over the past 12 months, and we're really grateful for the support of our clubs and members during this time," said Garriock.

"Because of COVID-19, this is the first opportunity I've had to visit states since commencing with Australian Taekwondo, and I felt it essential to meet club owners personally and explain the motives behind this change.

"Australian Taekwondo is moving in a new and exciting direction, and we want our clubs on that journey with us."

Garriock said engaging in dialogue with club owners is "critical" and that the organisation's new strategic plan aims to "modernise, professionalise and commercialise taekwondo and showcase best-practice in club operations and governance standards."

"Change is challenging and not everyone in our club community will be on board with our new direction, and that's ok," added Garriock.

"However, for Taekwondo to grow and thrive, we need to ensure that clubs provide a professional, safe, fair, and healthy environment for anyone who walks into their club.

"As a National Sporting Organisation, we have a responsibility to ensure we have contemporary business practices and structures in place. 

"This is to support growth and move our martial art forward so we can attract commercial partners and develop new income streams to invest back into our clubs, our athletes and our programs.

"We want to connect more Australian's to their local taekwondo club and to do this, we need clubs to support and embrace our new direction. 

"The state roadshows are a big part of this process in talking through our vision with clubs directly."

The next session is due to be held in Melbourne on December 12.

Australia has taken a hardline against COVID-19, locking down swiftly to prevent the virus from spreading and leading to a series of cancellations.