Mehrez Boussayène will lead CNOT as President until 2024 ©CNOT

Mehrez Boussayène has been re-elected Tunisian National Olympic Committee (CNOT) President for a third successive term.

Boussayène was first elected in 2013 and he will now serve as CNOT President on a three-year term, until 2024.

He won the election with 56 votes to two, with the other candidate being Lotfi Guerfel.

Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa and International Olympic Committee member Mustapha Berraf was present at the General Assembly on Wednesday (December 22).

Guerfel was appointed CNOT chairman.

Financial reports were also presented at the Assembly, while the CNOT Executive Board was also ratified.

The members of the Executive Board are Ali Benzarti, Mohssen Takrouni, Hassine Karazi, Mohamed Sofien Chaouachi, Hassan Korbi, Nawfel Marchaoui, Fethi Masmoudi, Ridha Manai, Aref Belkhiria, Nahla Boudhina, Maher Bouchamaouui, Houda Jrad, Sabel Jlajla Fethi Hachicha, Skander Hachicha, Arjouane Sassi and Hedi Lahouar.

Non-Olympic representation on the Executive Board comes from Mohamed Assaad Dhif, Fethi Ben Zekri, Abdelkarim Boujemaa and Mohamed Adel Zahra, while wrestler Marwa Amri provides athlete representation on the Board.

The Sport Arbitration Board now features Akrem Zribi, Chedhly Rahmani, Bahaeddine Boukari, Anissa Tabai and Henda Guesmi.