Italian President Sergio Mattarella welcomed Italy's Beijing 2022 medallists ©CIP

Italian President Sergio Mattarella welcomed the country's Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games medallists at the Quirinale Palace in Rome for a congratulatory ceremony.

The event was broadcast live on television and was also attended by Italian National Olympic Committee President Giovanni Malagò and Italian Paralympic Committee President Luca Pancalli.

"You have honoured our flag with your commitment and your results," Mattarella said.

"Besides your extraordinary performances, the most important aspect is that the Olympics and Paralympics have kept their unique charm.

"We saw respect and friendship among all the participants, overcoming one's own limits, loyalty and comparison of experiences and methodologies.

"And this is exactly what we need at a time when war represents exactly the opposite of these values.

"Therefore, an invocation for peace is a reference to the principles that animate the Olympics and Paralympics."

Alpine skier Giacomo Bertagnolli starred for Italy in the Paralympics, securing two gold and two silver medals.

Rene de Silvestro won a silver and bronze, also in Alpine skiing, while cross-country skier Giuseppe Romele won Italy's second bronze and seventh total medal.

"It was an exciting and, in some ways, strange Paralympics," said Bertagnolli.

Giacomo Bertagnolli was Italy's most successful Paralympian at Beijing 2022 with two gold medals and two bronze medals ©Getty Images
Giacomo Bertagnolli was Italy's most successful Paralympian at Beijing 2022 with two gold medals and two bronze medals ©Getty Images

"Competing was incredible, bringing the flag received from President Mattarella to China a great pride.

"I am also happy with the medals won by my team-mates, which represent a fundamental fact also from a Milan Cortina point of view.

"A Paralympic Games that will be a turning point for our Movement, to demonstrate to Italy and the world what we Paralympic athletes know how to do, not only in terms of sports performance but also in life."

Italy won two gold, seven silver, and eight bronze medals at the Winter Olympics.

Arianna Fontana triumphed in the women's 500 metres short track speed skating while Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner combined to win the mixed doubles curling tournament.

"We won in sports that had never seen us go on the podium," said Malagò, who is also the Milan Cortina 2026 President.

"Between the Tokyo and Beijing Games we are the third country in the world to have won in more disciplines".

Italy is set to stage the next edition of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics at Milan Cortina 2026.