The first World Ice Skating Day is set to be celebrated on December 4 this year ©Getty Images

The first World Ice Skating Day (WISD) is set to be celebrated on December 4 this year.

The International Skating Union (ISU) announced the festival to celebrate the sport, with plans for it to be held annually on the first Sunday of every December.

The event will see ice skaters - professionals, amateurs, beginners and newcomers - reunite to break social, economic and cultural boundaries.

Focus on greater inclusion, youth involvement and future development of all ice skating disciplines are planned during WISD.

Another aim of the event is to make the sport more accessible in a fun and safe environment for skaters of all levels and experience, by involving their families.

"I especially look forward to the World Ice Skating Day introducing the sport to children and first-time skaters through a variety of fun activities," ISU President Jae Youl Kim said.

"Hopefully, many will discover a love for skating and embrace the values of inclusiveness and diversity that the ISU aspires to.

"I am excited by the changes that the World Ice Skating Day will bring."

Plans to bring in more children and youngsters to the ice by connecting them to local rinks, clubs and National Federations is another objective of WISD.

ISU also wants to help develop the sport in countries where winter sports are not popular, by setting up rinks and initiatives to raise awareness.

ISU has encouraged all members to register their WISD events, with a dedicated website available.

Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, Chinese Taipei, France, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Peru, Poland, Austria, Canada and Thailand have all confirmed their participation in the new project.

The ISU will also provide a WISD toolkit with artworks for venue branding, printing material, digital marketing assets, merchandise and events ideas guide for those interested.