The RPC has sent an appeal to the IPC to allow a temporary lifting of the ban on its athletes ©Getty Images

The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) is set to appeal to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Appeals Tribunal with a motion to temporarily lift sanctions against its athletes.

This proposed measure would stay in place until the outcome of an appeal made by the RPC against its suspension by the IPC is known; meaning its athletes would not be affected in qualifying for the Paris 2024 Paralympics until the case is finally closed.

RPC President Pavel Rozhkov confirmed this to Russian state news agency TASS today.

"The Russian Paralympic Committee believes that the decision of the IPC General Assembly violates not only its rights, but also the rights of athletes who have a special interest in cancelling the decision, since it deprives them of the right to participate in all IPC events and clearly indicates an unequal attitude towards athletes in compared with Para athletes from other countries," said Rozhkov.

"In this regard, the RPC applied to the IPC Appeals Tribunal with a motion to impose interim measures in the form of a suspension of the execution of the decision of the IPC Extraordinary General Assembly pending consideration of the RPC appeal.

"If the decision remains in place pending appeal, the athletes will miss out on the opportunity to compete, resulting in their inability to qualify for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games or other major events, meaning they will miss the entire Paralympic sporting season."

RPC President Pavel Rozhkov said the suspension affected athletes hoping to qualify for Paris 2024 ©RPC
RPC President Pavel Rozhkov said the suspension affected athletes hoping to qualify for Paris 2024 ©RPC

On November 16 at the IPC Extraordinary General Assembly, the RPC and the Paralympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus had their membership suspended in response to their countries' involvement in the invasion of Ukraine.

Both announced they would appeal the decision.

Russia was expelled by a margin of 64 to 39, while Belarus was by a 54-45 gap.

Rozhkov and his RPC delegation were unable to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly in person due to visa issues in Germany.

Both nations were banned from the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics due to the war starting just 10 days before - with IPC President Andrew Parsons stating more nations would have boycotted the Games had they not been withdrawn.

insidethegames has contacted the IPC to confirm this appeal regarding Russian athletes has been filed.