IWGA President José Perurena has led the organisation since 2014 ©Getty Images

Spanish official José Perurena is set for unopposed re-election as President of the International World Games Association (IWGA) at tomorrow's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Madrid, which he has hailed as a "landmark" session.

Former sprint canoeist Perurena has led the IWGA since 2014, and is the only candidate for a third term, shortened to three years through to 2026.

Terms for the President and Executive Committee members have been reduced from four years, because their last mandate was extended to five when the World Games in Birmingham in the United States was postponed by 12 months because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elections to the Executive Committee are also set to take place in the Spanish capital, and Perurena emphasised the importance of finalising the IWGA leadership.

"Without exaggeration, I can say that it will be a landmark meeting," he said.

"Of course we will look back on the World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA; we will enjoy this success once again for a few moments.

"But above all, it is about the future of our event and the World Games family.

"The elections for the Executive Committee until 2026 create the personnel conditions for this.

"Good ideas don't help if you don't have the right people to put them into practice."

WKF President Antonio Espinós is set to step down from the IWGA Executive Committee to
WKF President Antonio Espinós is set to step down from the IWGA Executive Committee to "dedicate all his time to karate" ©WKF

Lukas Hinder of Switzerland, the World DanceSport Federation Honorary Life President, is the only candidate to be re-elected as treasurer.

IWGA vice-president Max Bishop of Britain, former secretary general of the World Air Sports Federation, is stepping down from the Executive Committee after 17 years in office.

The Swiss secretary general of World Archery Tom Dielen and International Fistball Association President Jörn Verleger of Germany are in contention to succeed him.

World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinós of Spain is also set to depart the IWGA Executive Committee.

Perurena said his compatriot "wants to dedicate all his time to karate", and vowed "we will bid a fond and heartfelt farewell" to Bishop and Espinós.

International Floorball Federation secretary general John Liljelund of Finland, International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation President José Antonio Pérez Priego of Mexico, World Squash Federation vice-president Pablo Felipe Serna Cardenas of Colombia, and Ju-Jitsu International Federation director general Joachim Thumfart of Germany are four new candidates nominated for one of the Executive Committee roles.

World Underwater Federation President Anna Arzhanova of Russia, World Flying Disc Federation secretary general Volker Bernardi of Germany and International Korfball Federation President Jan Fransoo of The Netherlands have all been proposed for re-election.

The sport programme for the Chengdu 2025 World Games is set to be approved at the AGM in Madrid ©The World Games 2022
The sport programme for the Chengdu 2025 World Games is set to be approved at the AGM in Madrid ©The World Games 2022

Russian officials are eligible to stand at the AGM in the Spanish capital, with IWGA measures taken in response to the war in Ukraine including a ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes at the Birmingham 2022 World Games not extending to elected representatives.

The AGM is also expected to approve the sports programme for the Chengdu 2025 World Games in China when presented by the Executive Committee.

Organisers in Chengdu are due to have an opportunity to invite further sports and disciplines to the Games.

Lin Han from Chengdu 2025 is set to deliver a presentation to the AGM on preparations.

The AGM is additionally due to hear an update on the World Games Series, a planned four-day event held twice between the quadrennial World Games featuring five or six sports.

Presentation of the budget for the coming year, the Executive Committee annual report, a Birmingham 2022 review and a report on IWGA partnerships with companies including International Sports Broadcasting, Swiss Timing and Sword Venue are also on the agenda.

Thirty-four of the 39 member federations of the IWGA are expected to attend in-person, with others having the opportunity to join remotely.