By Paul Osborne

Ibrahim Hamato has proved that "Nothing is Impossible" as he continues to inspire the world of sport ©YoutubeEgypt's Ibrahim Hamato has proved that "impossible is nothing" as he continues to rock the Para-table tennis world with his unique playing style.

After losing his arms in a train accident at 10-years-old, the Egyptian now plays table tennis with his mouth, holding the bat between his teeth while flicking the ball up with his foot to serve.

"I was trying first to use the bat under the arm, and I also tried using other things that weren't working so well," says Hamato, who first began playing table tennis three years after his accident.

"Finally, I tried using my mouth."

The incredible feat has now begun to raise eyebrows with some of the world's top table tennis athletes after China's world number two Ma Long spotted the Egyptian training in Tokyo's Yoyogi National Gymnasium during the ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships.

"He played very good," said Ma Long, who saw Hamato playing across the training hall, and insisted to play him and see his skills in action for himself.

"I could not believe!"

Japanese world number one Jun Mitzutani, who was keen to join in on the action in Tokyo, added: "He played really, really good.

"I can't believe he plays with his mouth, I have never seen something like this before!"

Hamato's stardom did not come easy following his accident with the athlete regularly facing scepticism over his play-style.

"It was a big challenge for me especially when I found in the beginning people were thinking I wouldn't be able to play good or be a competitor for other players, not just Paralympians," he said.

"[Their criticism] gave me the chance to practice more and more.

"I gave more time for practice and this made me feel confident to feel like this.

"I feel really happy playing table tennis."

Hamato's confidence spread to his play with the Egyptian taking silver at the African Para-Table Tennis Championships in both 2011 and 2013.

Despite these huge achievements, Hamato fittingly classes his marriage as the best thing to happen in his life.

"In achieving in life, the best thing is my marriage, my wife, which is a big blessing for me," he said. 

"The second is in table tennis.

"All matches I've won, it was a great achievement, especially when I got second in the African Para championships."

After achieving his dreams both on and off the court, Hamato gave a word of advice to all those who feel like they've hit rock bottom and are suffering to motivate themselves in life.

"I want to tell them and tell everybody that nothing is impossible, and everybody should work hard for what you love and what you think is good for yourself," he added.

"The disability is not in arms or legs, the disability is to not persevere in whatever you would like to do."

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