The XI Games are first to bear the current day name of the Commonwealth Games

The Edmonton 1978 Games became the first Commonwealth meet to bear the current day name of the Commonwealth Games.

It was the fourth and final time that name of the Commonwealth Games had been changed since Game’s inauguration in 1930.  From Hamilton 1930 through to Auckland 1950, the Games were known as the British Empire Games. Vancouver 1954 saw the Games change to the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. 

The Games again change their title in Kingston 1966 where they were referred to as the British Commonwealth Games. Finally, at the Edmonton 1978 Games, the Games were given the name of the Commonwealth Games, a name which they continue to bear today. 

The organisers of the Edmonton 1978 Commonwealth Games had to walk a careful tightrope in the immediate run up to the Edmonton Games to ensure that there were no boycotts particularly from African nations. This was because the 1976 Montreal Olympics two years prior to the Edmonton Games saw many boycotts from the African nations because of a New Zealand rugby tour of South Africa, who were banned from competing in most international sporting events due their policy of apartheid.

Date Games held: August 3-12

Number of nations represented: 47

Number of competitors: 1,475

Number of medals awarded: 395