Banners containing mistakes have been ridiculed before the Asian Games ©Twitter

Freshly installed branding for the Asian Games has been ridiculed in Indonesia due to typos and misplaced abbreviations.

Signs and banners have been put up across the country in anticipation of the start of the event set to start Jakarta and Palembang from August 18.

According to the Jakarta Post, one banner in Palmereh in West Jakarta, has spelled the Indonesian word "terselenggara", meaning "being staged", incorrectly.

It instead reads "terselengara".

Another banner was highlighted on Twitter by prominent writer Goenawan Mohamad because it misspells the "Asiad" Asian Games acronym as "Asean" which actually stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Mohamad rhetorically questioned whether the Jakarta administration or the picture designer were to blame.

He then speculated whether it should in fact be the "Asinan" Games.

Asinan is an Indonesian dish of salty vegetable of fruit.

Iman Satria, head of Jakarta City Council’s head of Commission D overseeing development, was among others to raise concerns about misspellings.

"Why was it spelled 'Asean' on the Asian Games banner?” he reportedly questioned colleagues during a session at the City Council.

"We could be a laughing stock. 

"This is embarrassing, Sir. 

"Especially with the Jakarta Government’s logo on it."