Swiss Olympic held a future day event as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic ©Facebook/Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic has launched a Strategy Sports Industry 5.0 project aimed at ensuring the country’s sporting system can recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

A "Future Day" event was held as part of the project, with 80 representatives from the industry participating.

The event was led by Swiss Olympic and the Switzerland’s Federation Office of Sports.

Swiss Olympic President Jürg Stahl compared the state of the country's sport system to that of a delicate plant, adding that the findings have been "ground-breaking."

"The heart of Swiss sport has never been examined as thoroughly as with this project," Stahl said.

"The findings are ground-breaking in order to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in the long term.

"We are currently using the plant - we are stabilising.

"The water is given a push by the watering, then the plant blooms - there is a transformation.

"However, such a change requires strength.

"Kickoff and transformation must come from sport and be implemented.

“We have to take responsibility for design and have the courage to tackle change with determination."

The Future Day event reportedly saw discussions over the challenges for clubs, associations, organisers and athletes, while outlining the possible solutions to long-term obstacles.

The topic of potential compensation losses for organisations impacted by the coronavirus pandemic was also discussed.

The Swiss Federal Council approved a package of CHF 500 million (£418 million/$525 million/€466 million) to support organisations during the crisis last month.

Swiss Olympic and the Federation Office of Sports expect that more than 60 per cent of the sports industry will be affected by the crisis in the long term.

Sports Minister Viola Amherd was among those present at the Future Day and outlined that organisations will still be supported by the Government under conditions.

"This is connected with a request," Amherd said.

"Among other things, women's sports and disabled sports should be promoted more strongly in the future."

Swiss Olympic say they are continuing studies and surveys, with the knowledge set to be used in the coming months to create an integral sports strategy.

The strategy is expected to address the needs of competitive and recreational sports.