The UIM has launched its 2020 yearbook ©UIM

The International Powerboating Union (UIM) has announced the publication of its yearbook for 2020, detailing the past season's events in the sport.

It covers 99 pages of content for its community to read, detailing the best powerboating moments of the 2019 calendar year and reviewing its biggest competitions. 

These include the Formula 1 series, as well as Formula 2, Aquabike, Motosurf and the XCAT Championship.

Pages are also dedicated to the 2019 UIM Awards Gala and the UIM special awards.

Sustainability is detailed in a section dedicated to Solar Race, while a four-page spread looks at how Formula Series will look in the future.

Six pages show a comprehensive guide to the 2019 results, with nine pages also shining a spotlight on some of UIM's member associations, including Hungary, Italy, Japan and Latvia.

In his foreword for the yearbook, UIM President Raffaele Chiulli expressed his concerns for all those affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while showing how the governing body seeks to move forward.

UIM President Raffaele Chiulli spoke highly of healthcare workers in his foreword for the yearbook ©Getty Images
UIM President Raffaele Chiulli spoke highly of healthcare workers in his foreword for the yearbook ©Getty Images

He said: "Over the past few months, the UIM has strived to ensure the safety of our staff who have in turn remained committed to continuing to service the needs of our members and stakeholders during the current suspension of international powerboating events worldwide.

"During this time, we have monitored the evolution of the pandemic very closely and have been warmed by the support we have received as we, the governing body, work on a platform for the future that prioritises the health and safety of us all.

"For now, on behalf of everyone at the UIM, I would like to thank the health professionals and frontline workers around the globe.

"Each of us is indebted to the incredible work they do in every corner of the world.

"Finally, I hope this colourful look back at the 2019 season and the incredible performances of our champions, award winners and stars of the future will provide a welcome respite and a truly enjoyable focus on the thrilling world of international powerboat racing."

An online copy of the yearbook is available to download on the UIM website.