Brisbane 2032 has held its first Board meeting today ©Getty Images

The recruitment of a chief executive was among the topics discussed at the first Brisbane 2032 Board meeting in the Australian city today.

Newly appointed Brisbane 2032 President Andrew Liveris told reporters the chief executive would be essential in helping plan the Games.

"It is very important to remember the cost neutrality of this and no burden to taxpayers, that is a stake in the ground," Liveris said.

"That means we are going to have to work with the IOC, AOC and Paralympic Australia to make sure the budgetary side of this thing, early, we spend money on the things we need to spend money on to mobilise the critical things that need to be done at the planning end.

"The next year or two there is a lot of input to make sure we get the planning right for what is 10 years away.

"That means we have to recruit a chief executive.

"That is very, very, key and that will be a topic here today."

Sandy Hollway served as the chief executive of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics, the last time Australia hosted the Games.

Hollway had been the fourth official to be appointed to the position in a three-and-a-half-year period when he was chosen in 1996.

Liveris said Brisbane 2032 would begin a professional process to search for a chief executive, which would be led by the Board.

The Brisbane 2032 President added he was looking to use the "northern summer" to meet Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028 and the International Paralympic Committee.

Liveris said the meetings would help to "benchmark" the Games, highlighting how best practice has moved on since Sydney 2000.

Liveris had said earlier this month that he would ensure the Olympic and Paralympic Games do not become a financial burden for the Australian public.

Securing sponsorship for the Games is considered an early priority for the fledgling organisation as a result, despite the Games being a decade away.

"There’s a few big numbers out there, not the least of them being domestic sponsorship," Liveris said.

"We will work very hard to match and exceed what the IOC has allocated to the plan.

"This is a very big number and we are going to go to work on it.

"I hope to bring my international connectivity to that.

"I've got some experience with talking to corporations and in fact being part of it, but of course I'll lean a lot on my board."

Liveris was confirmed as Brisbane 2032 President earlier this month, with his appointment following the confirmation of the full Brisbane 2032 Board.

Liveris is the former chairman and chief executive of the Dow Chemical Company, which previously was a member of the International Olympic Committee's The Olympic Partner (TOP) sponsor programme.

The first Brisbane 2032 Board meeting will also be John Coates' last in the role of Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) President.

Coates, who was viewed as a key figure in helping Brisbane secure the Games last year, will stand down as AOC President after 31-years on Saturday (April 30).

He is expected to become the AOC Honorary Life President.

Coates is one of five vice-presidents on the Brisbane 2032 Board, along with Queensland Premier and Olympics Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk, Minister of Sport Richard Colbeck, Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner, and Paralympics Australia President Jock O’Callaghan.

International Paralympic Committee Governing Board member Robyn Smith and AOC chief executive Matt Carroll are also part of the Board.

Steven Miles, Karen Williams, Ted O’Brien, Bronte Barratt, Kurt Fearnley, Patrick Johnson, Natalie Cook, Tracy Stockwell, Rebecca Frizelle, Sarah Kelly, Shelley Reys, Rob Scott and Brett Clark complete the Brisbane 2032 Board.