IBA's course looked to create more qualified instructors for officials to learn from ©IBA

The International Boxing Association has held its first multi-module instructors course for referees and judges at the European Boxing Academy in Assisi.

It is part of a drive to improve education among the sport's referees and judges, with international technical officials (ITOs) participating in the event in Italy.

A total of 16 former IBA three-star referees and judges completed the programme which consisted of three development modules.

These were designed to refresh knowledge of the sport's judging, as well as improve the organisation's evaluation and instructional capability.

Those taking part were identified as potential referee and judge instructors.

The first module consisted of the ITO course, to expand the knowledge of officials outside of refereeing and judging, providing a foundational understanding of all officiating roles on the field of play.

Educational aspects of the refereeing and judging evaluation process were discussed in the second module, with reference to new changes to the IBA database.

Finally, the third module focused on teaching techniques, skills and methods of instruction; it ended with presentations on different competition and technical rule topics.

Australian Wayne Rose and Ray Silvas from the United States delivered the examination for all three modules.

The course was aimed at potential referee and judge instructors ©Getty Images
The course was aimed at potential referee and judge instructors ©Getty Images

"This course was designed to identify and prepare future refereeing and judging instructors and evaluators who play a key role in IBA competitions around the world," said Silvas. 

"All candidates in this course were former three-star referees and judges that have participated at the highest events in IBA.

"The course was unique in the fact that the candidates were able to obtain not only their instructor certification but also their ITO certification as well. 

"Chris Roberts, Wayne Rose, Anna Utkina, and Amir Orfia did a marvellous job in putting together all of the necessary ingredients for a successful course. 

"I truly feel we are headed in the right direction in improving our referees and judges and the decisions they give at all of our important competitions."

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended recognition of the IBA partly due to concerns over refereeing and judging.

Other concerns addressed include the financial stability of the IBA and its governance.

As a result, the IOC is yet again set to organise the boxing competition at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, after doing so at Tokyo 2020.

The IBA insists it has worked on reforming these areas of concern, and recently criticised the IOC for a late change to the boxing qualification system for Paris 2024.