Germany's Luise Wanser and Philipp Autenrieth won the 470 World Championship a day early in Israel ©Getty Images

Luise Wanser and Philipp Autenrieth have won the 470 World Championship with a race to spare in Sdot Yam to become the first German duo to win a title at the event in 28 years.

Ines Bohn and Sabine Rohatzsch women's triumph from 1994 was finally matched as Wanser and Autenrieth made the perfect start to today's action in Israel.

The pair worked the shifts and gusts of the weather to their advantage and sailed to victory by more than a minute in the opening race.

Their main opposition were way back in the 30-boat pack which meant that they jumped to a 25-point lead over France's Camille Lecointre and Jérémie Mion, who crossed the line in 14th.

The other French threat, Matisse Pacaud and Lucie de Gennes, fared even worse, crossing in 21st.

In the next race, Italy's Marco Gradoni and Alessandra Dubbini took an early lead but by the bottom of the course they had been overtaken by compatriots Giacomo Ferrari and Bianca Caruso, who sailed away for the win.

Despite the triumph, the pair are only in 19th place overall.

"It was a bittersweet moment," said Caruso.

"We have been finishing on the podium almost every event this year, but we had a tough week at a hard venue.

"It's good to win the last race to show yourself that you can do it and you're still there."

Further back, Lecointre and Mion crossed the line in ninth while Wanser and Autenrieth were 12th.

The French had reduced the deficit slightly, but the 22-point gap means the Germans have an unassailable lead to claim the overall title.

"I can’t believe this is real," said Wanser.

"It might take me a couple of days before this really hits me."