The Olympic Village dining halls expect to serve around 40,000 meals each day ©Getty Images

Chefs preparing menus for the Paris 2024 Olympic Village have promised that food will be "fun, gourmet and healthy" but no wine or other alcohol will be on offer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

French food services company Sodexo is in overall charge of catering and expects to serve some 40,000 meals each day at the Games.

"France will invite the world to its table," Paris 2024 catering manager Philipp Würz said. 

"Athletes know they will eat well here - our goal is to provide them with high quality food."

The main dining area at the Village is expected to seat 3,500 at a sitting.

The example of previous Games will also be followed as athletes will also be able to use "Grab and Go" points, including one dedicated to French cuisine.

"What I cooked here is poultry, guinea fowl slowly roasted with a nice crayfish jus, very reduced, very intense, with a ‘poulette’ sauce, so it’s a kind of creamy, comfort food," executive chef Amadine Chaignot explained.

She is the owner of Parisian restaurant "La Pouliche" and an executive chef at The Rosewood in London.

"I wanted it to be a bit representative of what we do in France so it’s quite ‘gourmand,” Chaignot added.

Renowned French chef Amandine Chaignot has created a dish for the Paris 2024 Olympic Village menu ©Getty Images
Renowned French chef Amandine Chaignot has created a dish for the Paris 2024 Olympic Village menu ©Getty Images

Chef Alexandre Mazzia, who runs the three Michelin starred "AM par Alexandre Mazzia" in Marseille, showcased his recipe for crushed chickpeas with herbs and a smoked fish sauce.

Other foods expected to be included on the menu include quinoa risotto and a chocolate mousse with raspberries.

"It’s a pride and an honour to be able to show French tradition and skills," Mazzia told Associated Press.

Marseille is set to host sailing and football at Paris 2024.

More than 500 items will be available and have been designed to cater for special diets, eating habits and religious beliefs.

Meals will use seasonal products and a third of the food offered will be plant based.

Sodexo have guaranteed that all meat, dairy products and eggs will be French produced.

Imported foods such as bananas and rice will be organically produced or have fair trade certification.

Organisers will also try to make the village food hall reflect the traditional experience of French dining.

"It’s not only the moment when we really feed our performances and get prepared for competition from a nutritional point of view, it’s also a moment when we regenerate and take a break,” explained nutritionist Hélène Defrance, a sailing bronze medallist in the 470 class at Rio 2016.

The Olympic Village is also set to feature a boulangerie producing traditional French baguettes, croissants and other pastries.