The host country won the team title at 'Uzbekistan Open'. UZBEKISTAN TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION

On November 27-30 of this year, the prestigious "Uzbekistan Open" international tournament in taekwondo (WT) at the "G2" level was held in Tashkent.

More than 23 athletes from 7 foreign countries competed for the victory together with local athletes. A total of 71 athletes (including 25 girls) took part in the tournament.

At the end of the competition, the national team of Uzbekistan took the 1st place, India took the 2nd place, and the athletes from Kazakhstan took the 3rd place.

All winners and runners-up by weight categories: 


-54 kg:
Gold: Samirkhan Abubakirov (Kazakhstan)
Silver: Sultan Al Ali (UAE)
Bronze: Jakhongir Khudoyberdiyev (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Prashant Rana (India).

-58 kg:
Gold: Omonjon Otajonov (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Shamsiddin Gurbanov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Shokhrukh Mansurov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Mahmadjon Sunatov (Tajikistan).

-63 kg:
Gold: Behruz Isayev (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Assatbek Nuraliyev (Kazakhstan)
Bronze: Nazarali Nazarov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Amirbek Torayev (Uzbekistan).

-68 kg:
Gold: Islam Rajabov (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Ajay Kumar (India)
Bronze: Ahmed Baluul (UAE)
Bronze: Prithvi Raj Chunan (India).

-74 kg:
Gold: Najmiddin Kasimkhojiyev (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Shivansh Tyagi (India)
Bronze: Sardor Obidjonov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Shahjakhan Karimov (Uzbekistan).

-80 kg:
Gold: Loiq Davlatzoda (Tajikistan)
Silver: Abbas Choponkulov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Jasurbek Jaysunov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Kumar Abhishek (India).

-87 kg:
Gold: Rishabh (India)
Silver: Botir Zakirov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Mohammad Al Salmani (Yemen)
Bronze: Ahmed Danish (India)

+87 kg:
Gold: Ayyub Bassel (Morocco)
Silver: Bader Alhareyas (Kuwait)
Bronze: Marat Mavlonov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Amalbek Halilov (Uzbekistan).


-46 kg
Gold: Zuhra Tojimatova (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Shabbona Abduvaliyeva (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Nasiba Boqiyeva (Tajikistan)
Bronze: Feruza Iriskulova (Uzbekistan).

-49 kg:
Gold: Zarnigor Khusniddinova (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Zuhra Toshboyeva (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Savriniso Boymurotova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Malika Umarova (Uzbekistan).

-57 kg:
Gold: Layla Zaynitdinova (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Madina Mirabzalova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Marjona Yoldosheva (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Zuhra Eshpolatova (Uzbekistan).

-67 kg:
Gold: Ozoda Sobirjonova (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Gulsanam Alijonova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Dilnoza Nigmatova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Munira Salayeva (Uzbekistan).

-73 kg:
Gold: Saodatbegim Aliyeva (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Maftuna Ergasheva (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Omina Ikromova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Gulnura Seytjenova (Uzbekistan).

+73 kg:
Gold: Iroda Mirtojiyeva (Uzbekistan)
Silver: Dorakhan Hakimova (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Jasmina Abduvaliyeva (Uzbekistan)
Bronze: Malika Ravshanova (Uzbekistan).