Nikolaj Sorensen pulls out of Canadian nationals over sexual assault claims. GETTY IMAGES

The Canadian champion and his partner Laurence Fournier Beaudry have pulled out of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships amid an investigation into a sexual assault allegation that may have been made against a former American skater and coach in 2012. 

He announced via his Instagram account that he was withdrawing from the championships, where he and his partner are the reigning champions. The investigation is into allegations that Sorensen, who denied the allegations in an Instagram post, may have assaulted a former skater and coach in 2012.

USA Today was the first to report that the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner of Canada (OSIC) had launched an investigation. The story broke last Tuesday. The alleged incident is believed to have taken place in Hartford, Connecticut. 

"These allegations are false and I will defend myself in the strongest possible way and protect my reputation," the skater wrote on his Instagram account. Meanwhile, Fournier Beaudry said on her Instagram account that she would not comment further. She has full confidence in her partner's integrity.

USA Today Sports reported on a complaint filed with the OSIC and SafeSport Center that detailed the alleged sexual assault, including statements and witness accounts. The victim said she kept quiet for years because she feared she would not be believed if she came forward.

Nikolaj Sorensen and Laurence Fournier Beaudry finished ninth at the last Olympics in 2022. GETTY IMAGES
Nikolaj Sorensen and Laurence Fournier Beaudry finished ninth at the last Olympics in 2022. GETTY IMAGES

Based in Montreal, Sorensen and Fournier Beaudry are the reigning national ice dance champions. They are considered one of the best pairs in the world today. Their participation in the 2022 Olympic Games was notable, where they finished ninth. Before becoming a Canadian citizen in 2021, Sorensen, who was born in Denmark 34 years ago, began his skating career in his home country.

Together with his current partner, Fournier Beaudry, they finished fifth in the final of the 2023 Grand Prix in Beijing just over a month ago. Now the pair have not had the opportunity to compete at the Canadian Championships, an event that began on Tuesday, the same day they announced their withdrawal in Calgary.