An International SAMBO tournament was held in Amindeo. FIAS

The International SAMBO Tournament for cadets and youth took place in the Greek city of Amindeo on 21st March. Athletes from Greece, Romania and North Macedonia took part in the competition.

"We conceived this tournament as a contribution to the development of new SAMBO stars. Participating in international competitions from an early age allows the athletes to gain the necessary experience and skills to win in adult tournaments," noted the President of the Hellenic Sambo Federation, Kurash, Chidaoba Merabi Iliadis. 

"The bouts of the young sambists are particularly honest and uncompromising". They give little thought to defence and tactics, preferring to prove themselves on the offensive and, of course, they are not shy about their own emotions in victory or defeat," he added.

Medallists of the International SAMBO tournament in Greece. FIAS
Medallists of the International SAMBO tournament in Greece. FIAS

According to him, for some of the athletes, the Amindeo competition was the first international start in their lives. There were also athletes who, despite their young age, had already gained a lot of experience in various competitions.

"This tournament became a kind of "test of the pen" for our federation. We received applications to participate in the competition from many European countries, but not all of them were able to come to Greece for one reason or another. I congratulate those federations that were able to take part in the competition, and I am confident that next year the geography of our athletes will be even wider," added Iliadis.