Gareth Wynn_02-05-12EDF Energy's London 2012 programme group director Gareth Wynn tells insidethegames about his favourite Games memory, and explains why he finds the Paralympics so inspiring.

What is your role in EDF's involvement with the Games?

I am the director of our 2012 programme, so my job is to make it happen. I was involved in EDF's 2012 bid in my previous role and had the job to develop the business case for why we should become a sponsor of London 2012. Once EDF decided they would I was asked to take on the job of running the programme to make it happen.

Victoria-Pendleton-team green_britain_02-05-12
Why does your organisation support the Games?

We are supporting the Games for several reasons; firstly, the values of the Olympics align really well with the values of EDF. It becomes something we can relate to comfortably. London 2012 made sustainability a core part of their strategy, and we have that as a core part of our strategy.

As a company that wants to strengthen its international position and position in the United Kingdom, London 2012 was a powerful tool to do all of those things. And then off the back of that to inspire customers and employees in behavioural change that relates to sustainability, hence our Team Green Britain initiative and our education programme.

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What is your favourite Games' memory?

I had an amazing experience in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games where I went to the Velodrome and in the space of an hour and a half I saw three British gold medals. It was the point I was struck by the awesome athletic ability of the people I was seeing. In one of the disciplines a British gold medal was won by an athlete with one leg, had she been in the Olympics she would have won a bronze medal.