Junior speed finals were held today on the final day of competition ©IFSC

Italy and Russia clinched junior speed honours at the International Federation of Sport Climbing Youth World Championships in Moscow today.

There was a home 1-2-3 in the women's event at the CSKA Athletics and Football Hall as Ekaterina Barashchuk led her Russian team-mates to a dominant victory.

She clocked just 8.12sec in the big final to win by a tiny 0.04 margin over Elizabeta Ivanova.

Elena Remizova clinched the bronze medal contest in 11.49 after Italian opponent Elisabetta Dalla Brida fell.

Italy enjoyed better fortunes in the corresponding men's event.

Gian-Luca Zodda won the big final in 7.69 seconds to comfortably finish 1.60 seconds clear of Noah Bratschi.

Demyan Zaytsev clinched bronze after winning an all-Russian small final over Sergei Rukin in an even swifter 6.61.