The National Olympic Committee of Kenya plans to built a high-performance training centre for its athletes ©NOC-K

The National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) is looking to create a high-performance centre where athletes can prepare for major competitions.

NOC-K acting secretary general Francis Mutuku confirmed the plans at a recent Executive Committee meeting in Naivasha, according to a report in Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation.

Mutuku said the proposals were part of NOC-K's long-term vision to operate a facility for national teams and athletes aiming to compete in future Olympic Games.

"The high-performance centre will be a multi-functional and multi-disciplinary facility that will offer sports medical and scientific services to our elite athletes," Mutuku said.

"Among the services envisioned to be provided are physiological testing and monitoring, performance analysis, planning of scientific and individualised training programmes."

Mutuku added that the NOC would also need to enter into partnerships with existing facilities which can be used for the training of the Olympic teams.

NOC-K acting secretary general Francis Mutuku is hoping to create a
NOC-K acting secretary general Francis Mutuku is hoping to create a "multi-functional and multi-disciplinary" facility in Kenya ©Football Kenya Foundation

"Our medium-term approach will be to enter into possible lease arrangements with these institutions to develop a high-performance centre," said Mutuku.

"This will mean enhancing the existing facility to suit our needs."

The Daily Nation reports NOC-K has also partnered with the OlympAfrica to create another facility, this time one designed to to draw primary school children to sports.

NOC-K's Youth Commission is believed to be working on the concept of running youth camps at the venue during school holidays.

"The general idea is to establish a centre from which youngsters at primary school level can be exposed to international standards of infrastructure and training at a very early age," added Mutuku.

"The vision of the centre is to have selected sporting infrastructure that has international standards equipment for identified sports so that the youngsters can be trained on a continued basis."

OlympAfrica is a foundation owned by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, which is supported by the International Olympic Committee.