The initiative aims to promote greater physical activity in Uganda ©Getty Images

The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC), the International Olympic Committee and the World Health Organization have partnered to promote a new home fitness campaign until March 2.

Despite Uganda reopening society following coronavirus restrictions, physical activity has dropped, and the new campaign aims to reverse that trend.

Simon Peter Komakech, the chairman of the UOC Commission for Sports and Social Development, announced the initiative at a media briefing.

"This fitness campaign is just a continuation of another version we started in 2020," he told New Vision.

"We intend to have Ugandans physically fit.

"Instead of sitting and eating, get up and do some exercise.

"This exercise is good for your body, and it keeps you young and fresh.

"If you keep the body fit, you don't have time to worry.

"Even when you have frustration, it clears your mind.

"We want Ugandans to be healthy and happy."

The same initiative was launched in 2020 during the height of the pandemic.

The campaign promotes simple routines, such as walking and push ups, and to complete these exercises in sets if participants want to gain maximum benefits from the exercise.

Dietary guidance is also offered to promote healthy eating.

Due to the initiative predominantly being held virtually, Komakech is encouraging individuals to post their workouts on social media to increase coverage.

“We were motivated to have this campaign because most people spent their time at home due to the pandemic," said Komakech.

"We shall continue to do it since physical fitness is for everybody and all times."