The Uganda Olympic Committee launched its Olympism Full Circles initiative at its headquarters in Lugogo ©UOC

The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) has launched an Olympism Full Circles initiative, aiming to encourage young people in the country to undertake 25 activities connected to the five educational themes of Olympism.

The project has been inspired by the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Values Education Programme, which strive to promote physical activity and sport among young people and children.

Educational values of joy of effort, fair play, practising respect, pursuit of excellence and balance between body, will and mind form the core of the initiative.

To achieve a "full circle", individuals are required to complete five events which demonstrate one of the themes, as reported by Kawowo Sports.

The Full Circles initiative was launched at the UOC's offices in the Lugogo area of Ugandan capital Kampala, with the organisation's President Donald Rukare among those present.

"It is our hope that the intended target audience of students will find it useful and enable you [to] close the rings based on a solid foundation provided by this activity record book," Rukare was quoted by Kawowo Sports.

He then explained that the initiative aimed to build on the UOC's previous work in promoting Olympic values.

"The Uganda Olympic Committee is a proud member of the Olympic family and movement," Rukare said, as reported by Kawowo Sports.

"In this regard, one of the key strategic areas of our focus is the promoting of Olympism in Uganda.

The Full Circles initiative aims to encourage young people to undertake activities connected to five educational themes of Olympism ©UOC
The Full Circles initiative aims to encourage young people to undertake activities connected to five educational themes of Olympism ©UOC

"We have in this regard over the years held several promotional activities such as creation of Olympic debates.

"All these initiatives are aimed at creating more awareness of the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence especially amongst our athletes and youth.

"These values are life-long and transformational in nature.

"We believe that one way of ensuring that Olympism becomes sustainably embedded in our lives is through engaging the active youth as a springboard into the wide community.

"This will lead to Olympism for life.

"We are therefore happy through the Olympism Full Circles initiative spearheaded by our Olympic education and culture commission to launch the Olympism Full Circles' activity record book and guidelines.

"This activity book is a rich educational tool that highlights how to practically activate the Olympic values."

Rukare is approaching one year in his role as UOC President, having been elected in February last year.

Uganda delivered its best result at an Olympic Games to date at Tokyo 2020, winning two golds, one silver and one bronze medal.