African Games: Bassem Amin leads Egypt to chess supremacy. FIDE

Egypt dominated chess at the 13th African Games in Ghana. Bassem Amin led the way with four gold medals, two of them with Wafa Shahenda in the Blitz Mixed Team and Rapid Mixed Team events, taking the country's total gold medal tally to five out of six (Algeria's Lina Nassr won in the Blitz Women's Individual event).

Egypt's dominance in the African Games extended to chess, underlining its supremacy. Chess legend Grandmaster Bassem Amin delivered his best performance ever at the African Games. 

For the first time, he won gold medals in both the Blitz Men Individual, defeating Nicolas Cogan in the final, and the Rapid Men Rapid Individual, beating Gomolemo Rongwane in the final game. 

He also took first place in the Blitz Mixed Team and the Rapid Mixed Team events (both with his team-mate Wafa Shahenda), achieving all that was possible for him. 

The chess player from Tanta was fully focused on the tournament. "Wish us luck in the upcoming individual events tomorrow," Amin said on his Instagram account after winning his first gold medal at the 13th African Games in Accra on Saturday 9th.

Amin's four gold medals in Ghana saw him beat compatriot Fouad El-Taher, who won gold in the men's team overall, men's team board 1 and men's individual at the first African Games in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2003.

Wafa Shahenda confirmed Egypt's dominance in chess. She secured her first individual gold at the African Games in the Women's Rapid Individual, defeating Lina Nassr in the finals, continuing the legacy of Wafa Shrook. 

The 25-year-old also took first place in both mixed team events: Rapid Mixed Team, defeating Nigeria in the final, and Blitz Mixed Team Blitz, beating Kenya. The three-time African Women's Chess Champion came close to doing the same in the Women's Blitz Individual, but Mbatha Constance won the final to leave Shahenda with the silver medal. 

Egypt once again dominated the chess competition,, winning five of the six gold medals and one silver, with Bassem Amin and Wafa Shahenda emerging as the top chess players in their respective events.