Accra 2023: De Lange, Elkamash and Van Rensburg on top. INSTAGRAM

Caitlin De Lange and Marwan Elkamash are the most decorated athletes at the 13th African Games in Accra with a total of five golds. Jaouad Syoud was the most medalled athlete at Accra 2023.

Accra 2023, the 13th African Games edition has finished and will be remembered for Egypt's historic  performance. From chess to combat sports, the Mediterranean country dominated from the start with a total of 102 gols medals.

Swimming was a fierce battle for medals and it's the sport that produced the most multi-medallists of the Games. The first 11 athletes on the medals table are swimmers and three of them are Egyptians.

The athletes with the most glory after the African Games are South Africa's Caitlin De Lange and Egypt's Marwan Elkamash. Both won five gold and two silver medals - a total of seven - but each one in a different way. While Elkamash's medals came in freestyle, De Lange's came in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle.

South Africa's Catherine Van Rensburg, just 19 years old, finished third on the medals table at Accra 2023, also thanks to the freestyle discipline, as Elkamash. She won five gold medals, and one bronze, giving her a total of six podium finishes. Like De Lange, Van Rensburg is aiming for her first Olympic appearance at Paris 2024. 

The athlete with the most medals is the Algeria's Jaouad Syoud with a total of nine. The swimmer competed in breaststroke, freestyle and medley. He finished with four gold, one silver and four bronze medals. 

The first non-swimmer on the medals table is cyclist Araya Nahom Zeray, number 12, with three gold and one bronze. A total of 17 athletes won three gold medals - 16 weightlifters and one table tennis player, Egypt's Mariam Hesham. Africa's next chance to shine will come in 2027 in Cairo, Egypt.