The EJU has been holding an online festival ©EJU

The European Judo Union (EJU) is holding the second week of its online judo festival, which was established due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The festival had originally been scheduled to take place in Croatia between June 8 and 21, with Poreč serving as host.

The EJU and Croatian Judo Federation said they planned to resume the festival in 2021, but an online festival was then devised by organisers for 2020.

The opening week saw mobility expert Joyce Malley begin the festival with yoga-based stretching, aimed at aiding mobility for judo.

It was one of three sessions featuring Malley during the festival.

Expert Sergio Oliveira also held a series of sessions for children, ranging from coordination exercises to newaza skills and balance work.

Ludwig Paischer, Denisa Deliu, Rok Draksic and Rui Coelho are among the experts to have participated in the festival to date.

Oliveira is producing more advanced classes during the second week, while a collection of videos from Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel, Maurizio Calderini, Pedro Gonçalves and Nicolas Gilon are also set to be included.

The festival will conclude on June 27 with the third yoga session from Malley.